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Aquaponics for Tohoku is our community initiative to promote aquaponics as a viable alternative farming and aquaculture method in Tohoku, as well as donating micro aquaponics systems to local schools in this area.


This PDF explains the work that we are doing and what we are trying to achieve.  It also outlines the AquaponicsforSchools initiative and how you can assist with that.


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One of our students who had attended our Practical Aquaponics course asked us to design and install an aquaponics system that would be suitable for their small balcony on the 10th floor of an apartment block.  The challenge was design something small and functional that could still produce a reasonable amount of fresh herbs and greens for the family.

In the end we installed a purpose-built 200 litre system that used a simple "constant flood" method to run the system - very little maintenance required and no problems with bell siphons!  This lovely family will soon have fresh herbs for their kitchen!


We had been contacted by Professor Jonathan deHaan of Shizuoka University who said that he wanted to install an indoor aquaponics unit into his classroom at the university.  He had seen our system in Minamisanriku and was looking for something similar.

We designed a system that would fit in nicely with his room and would be an attractive unit that students and other professors would be able to view to see how aquaponics worked.  We designed and built the system at our office and then installed it over the course of a morning and afternoon at the university - followed by a talk to students that had come in to learn about aquaponics.


Johokiko is one of the leading seminar producers in Japan, with a significant number of diverse seminars arranged and managed on a yearly basis.  Japan Aquaponics had been contacted to present an aquaponics seminar to businessmen from various industries.

The first seminar was well attended, but of particular interest was a couple of businessmen from Fukushima whose factory had been destroyed after the earthquake.  They were looking at alternative businesses to set up alongside their current business, and they were very interested in how aquaponics could be integrated successfully.



This is an article written by Ginger Vaughn, a freelance writer and all-round eco-sustainability guru, and it was featured in the influential EURObiZ magazine printed in Japan.  EURObiZ Japan is a monthly magazine about trade and investment from Europe to Japan.

As well as being distributed to members of the European Business Council in Japan, an organisation consisting of 17 European national chambers of commerce, this business magazine is sent to an additional 2,500-plus European companies and individuals representing a broad range of industries, and to influential members of various non-European companies and European governmental bodies in Japan and Europe.


We woke up on Saturday morning and were looking through some blogs when we found that our DIY Micro Aquaponics system had been featured on Lifehacker... a blog with a readership numbering in the millions!

At the last count we saw that some 22,500 people had viewed the post, and hits on the video and our website ran into 10's of thousands.  What a great way to start the weekend and to know that many people across the world may be making their first aquaponics systems thanks to this video and the post by Lifehacker.



In March of 2012 we installed a bespoke aquaponics system into the elementary school of Yokohama International School.  The school have now posted a video showing one of the classes undertaking an independent enquiry as to why some of the fish seemed to be dying in the aquaponics system.

This video is really fantastic, and the work that the children are doing, almost entirely on their own, is really amazing, so please do take a look at their video.