Impromptu Black Micro Aquaponics System!

The other night the lady who runs the temple next to my apartment popped around out-of-the-blue to deliver about 25 small goldfish that they had left over from a festival game.

They know about our aquaponics and so I guess they just decided that we would have a home for the little goldfish!

We didn't really have anything already set up and so I threw together a small aquaponics system to house these little guys.  Our daughter wanted them in the living room so I made it to fit in with our TV stand.

There is nothing special about the system just a wooden frame holding a plastic 13 litre plastic container for the growbed.  It is on a constant flood cycle at the moment that is permanently on.  The growbed is full of lava stone.

I added a simple venturi so that no additional aeration would be needed... there is a nice flow of air coming through the outflow pipe, and the flow also pushes the fishy poo over to the pump to be sucked up nicely.

Lastly, there is an LED strip light above the fish tank, attached to the bottom of the growbed.

So again, nothing fancy, but just wanted to show that you can put a simple system together in an hour or two and it should work fine!

UPDATE: Please Note:  Stocking Density of Fish

The original system had far too many fish in it... they were there only because they had been rescued and were then quickly removed.

You can see now that the stocking density is significantly lower and more in-keeping with what it should be for a little system like this.  Currently we have about 5 little fish in here and water tests are done every week to make sure all is ok.