Balcony Aquaponics System

These photographs show the set up of a new 200 litre balcony aquaponics system in a 10th floor apartment in Yokohama near Tokyo.

Space was really limited with only 1.5m x 1.2m available to install the system, but despite these limitations we were able to install a system that will be extremely productive for the lovely family that now own it!

This family had an interest in aquaponics and had previously attended one of our training courses.  They wanted to grown their own herbs mainly as they use them a lot in their food - and herbs can be extremely expensive to buy in Japan.

This system was designed to have quite a shallow profile as the balcony was not very big.  In total the system is less than 100cms wide and about 70cms deep.  Despite this, we have been able to install a nearly 200 litre fish tank and a growbed that has about 80 litres of growing volume.

We have used a simple "continuous flood" method where the water is constantly flooding the growbed and then draining back to the fish tank.  The water is very well aerated and so this will be absolutely no problem for the plants or bacteria.

There is a second overflow pipe installed as a precautionary measure.  The pump is a high efficiency 2000lph pump and we have used a ball-valve bypass which increases the aeration in this system by quite a lot.  The pump will be run on a continuous basis.

So, a very simple and easy to use system... that seems to be capable of even growing babies!